EP 6 | Disney’s California Adventures

Get ready for fun in the sun as your duo of goofy hosts look back at their time as costumed characters during the opening of Disney’s California Adventure park in 2001 and beyond. Jeff and Adam discuss the good, the bad and the Disney of DCA’s shaky opening months and what it was like portraying characters like Goofy, Sweetums, Mr. Incredible and Sully in this strange, new land. Plus, Adam finally reveals which celebrity he met as Kronk and Jeff dishes about the preview night for VIP guests prior to opening day. So come on, let’s get goofy, dude!

Music: “Watch out For Goofy” (Mickey Mouse Disco)

Stream it from the link below or find the show on Podbean, iTunes, Google Play, & soon on Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, & More!

Web http://2goofspodcast.com

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iTunes http://bit.ly/2GoofsApple

GooglePodcasts http://bit.ly/2GoofsGoogle

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