EP 11 | Life After Disneyland

In episode 11 of The 2 Goofs Podcast Jeff and Adam close the book on their time at Disneyland. Join your goofy hosts as they share wild stories of their final days in costume and what it’s like to enter the workforce after living life as a costumed character. How did working for Disney help... Continue Reading →

EP 9 | Superstar Characters

In episode 9 of The 2 Goofs Podcast, Jeff shares the experience of doing shows at Disneyland and going on tour in costume, while Adam crosses department lines to perform in a parade. All this and the shocking revelation of why Max isn't Goofy's son in this exciting episode. Music: "Watch out For Goofy" (Mickey... Continue Reading →

EP 8 | Cast Members Only

On Episode 8 of The 2 Goofs Podcast, Jeff and Adam walk you through their experiences attending private Disneyland Cast Member events including character department awards banquets and the legendary "unauthorized" costumed character movies. Be a V.I.G. (Very Important Goof) and listen now. Music: "Watch out For Goofy" (Mickey Mouse Disco) https://twogoofspodcast.podbean.com/mf/play/paj93t/2Goofs_Ep8_CastMembersOnly.mp3 Stream it from... Continue Reading →

EP 7 | Breakroom Buddies

In Episode 7 of The 2 Goofs Podcast, your goofy hosts, Adam and Jeff reveal the characters behind the costumes as they discuss the weird, fun and hilarious experiences socializing with their fellow Disneyland co-workers. Hear how Adam almost killed Donald Duck, the story of Jeff and a carful of characters getting pulled over by... Continue Reading →

EP 4 | Character Philosophy

In the 4th episode of The 2 Goofs Podcast you'll hear the hosts list every costume they ever wore at Disneyland and share their unique takes on Disney characters ranging from Goofy to Kronk. You'll gasp at Jeff breaking the rules as Baloo and laugh at Adam's portrayal of the Queen of Hearts as the... Continue Reading →

EP 3 | Day in the Life

In this episode, Jeff and Adam take you through the daily routine of working as costumed characters at the happiest place on Earth. Discover the fine art of picking your favorite head, the best break rooms and places to work. You’ll also hear goofy tales of Jeff walking barefoot through Disneyland, Adam getting robbed in... Continue Reading →

EP 2 | Training Daze

The 2 Goofs podcast continues with Episode 2: Training Daze as Jeff and Adam talking about their time graduating from Disney University to their wild on the job training as new hires in the Disneyland Character Department. Hear your hosts share wacky tales of first days working in the park involving Br’er Bear, the Queen... Continue Reading →

EP 1 | The Audition

In the premiere episode of The 2 Goofs Podcast, The Audition, your goofy hosts, Adam and Jeff share their exciting and theatrical experience of getting hired as costumed characters at Disneyland. It’s an entertaining beginning to this 12 part podcast series looking behind the scenes at The Happiest Place On Earth. Music: "Watch out For... Continue Reading →

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